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    1. Construction Project Contracting Current Location : Home > Construction Project Contracting

      As the vice-chairman of china international contractors association, with rich experience of undertaking large infrastructure as general contractor, CDIG can provide all round service of lump quotation, survey and design, building construction,  installation of mechanical electrical equipment, decoration and fitment, construction supervision, etc. The company has successfully contracted to undertake more than 60 projects including constructions of roads, bridges, guesthouses, first-class apartments, residences, schools, factory buildings, stadiums and so on in Papua New Guinea, Russia, Malaysia, Fiji, Gabon, Niger, Suriname, Saudi Arabia, Libyan Arab  and Equatorial Guinea, etc. In domestic market, the company has also taken charge of the constructions of many expressways, and has contracted to develop industrial and civil edifices with an area of more than a million square meters. Thus, CDIG has been consecutively selected into the “Global Top 225 International Contractors” by the American ENR. Taking the advantage of abundant technological know-how and superior construction ability, CDIG will present quality-assured project and make the maximum profit and content for our clients across the world. 

      Project Links:

                               Road and Bridge

                               Housing Project

                               Municipal Infrastructure

                               Energy & Power Engineering

                               Decoration Works

                               Project Supervision



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